How long does it take to receive my first order?

The first order takes 5-6 weeks in production plus shipping time. Reorders take 4-5 weeks.

How often do I need to order?

To maintain the die, orders must be placed within every three years.

What metal are the coins made of?

We use both bronze and zinc alloy. The overall design dictates what metal can be used.

How are the coins made?

Our production methods are both die struck and die cast. The die process is determined by the design of the product. To be die struck, the perimeter shape of the design needs to be more conservative, whereas die cast lends to more unique shapes.

Is there anything not possible to do on a coin?

Our coins push the envelope right off the table. There are some limitations, but we will design right up to them.

How big can I make a coin?

Our standard size is 2″ diameter and 4mm thick. We can make a coin as large as you require.